Saskia Fick

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Clinical Psychologist  ?
 BA (UNISA); BA Hons (Psychology); (UNISA), MA (Clin Psych)(UJ)

HPCSA Number: PS0135801
Practice Number: 0746738

My therapeutic approach is integrative in nature. I consider the individual holistically and draw from different perspectives to tailor the therapy to their needs. I place importance on being mindful of the role each individual’s environment, spirituality and interpersonal relationships play as well as interact and influence behaviour. I am very conscious of the link between mind and body. Therapy can often be scary and challenging, thus it is my aim to provide an empathic and warm space in which these equally freeing and challenging discoveries can be explored. Through co-creation and reflection it is possible to find healing and growth.

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Tel: 078 394 4469
Mobile: 078 394 4469
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Rivonia / Sandton
Rivonia Village
Rivonia Blvd
Rivonia / Sandton

Works with: Adults, children, adolescents, couples, and individuals.

Specialising in: Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, child sexual abuse, chronic medical conditions, depression, developmental disorders, eating disorders, life changes, loss/grief, personality disorders, play therapy, relationships, schizophrenia, self development, sexuality and gender, and trauma.

Working in: English.