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Dylan Lopich

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Dylan Lopich
I am a clinical psychologist working in the Cape Town City Bowl. I offer clinical assessment as well as long-term and brief psychotherapy for adults.

Lydia Batchelor

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Lydia  Batchelor
Psychologist in Durbanville dealing with a variety of issues. Confidential, safe environment for you to explore and work through difficult issues. Contact 0848100300 for more...

Tania Mackenzie

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Tania Mackenzie
I work with late adolescents (16 years up) and adults in both short and long term individual psychotherapy. I see therapy as facilitating a process of self exploration and growth...

Chris Rees

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Chris Rees
I am a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in psychotherapy and many years experience. I see adults adoloscents and couples.

Clinton Abrahams

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Clinton Abrahams
I am a registered Clinical Psychologist in private practice within the Grassy Park area (CT). My experience includes assessment of individuals for psychotherapy/groups;...

Jo-Lynne Du Randt

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Jo-Lynne Du Randt
Individual Psychotherapy and Personal Development Through Counselling, Coaching and Training.

Cornel Verwey

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Cornel Verwey
I offer short and long term psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and children.

Lauren Gower

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Lauren Gower
I see adults and children, couples and individuals for problems including anxiety, depression, addiction, and issues that affect health, relationships, work, emotional development...

Nardus Saayman

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Nardus Saayman
I am a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Linden, in the North of Johannesburg. Experiencing problems is a condition of being alive. Sebald maintained that our solutions,...

Hylma van Rooyen

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Hylma van Rooyen
Hylma van Rooyen has more than 10 years experience working with children, adults and couples. Her interests are: Childhood and adult trauma Post-traumatic stress Depression...

Bryan Hellmann

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Bryan Hellmann
I practice using Integrative Psychotherapy, adapting the treatment to the specific needs of each patient. I work with individuals, couples and groups.

Wendy Cain

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Wendy Cain
Wendy Cain is a Clinical Psychologist working psychoanalytically with children, adolescents and adults. She has consulting rooms in Bryanston, Waverley and Jukskei Park. She also...

Alison Evans

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Alison Evans

Ilse Jordaan

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Ilse Jordaan
I am a clinical psychologist with special interests and experience in the following: In-Depth Adult Psychotherapy Psychosomatic Disorders Mind-Body Medicine (link between stress...

Rebecca Apteker

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Rebecca Apteker
this practice offers its clients the tested therapeutic interventions afforded by experience and training, as well as the spirit of fearless witness.

JP Theron

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of JP Theron
Male psychotherapist working in Stellenbosch and Northern Suburbs

Bernice Du Plessis

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Bernice Du Plessis
I am a clinical psychologist offering long- and short-term psychotherapy to adults, children and families who are experiencing emotional, psychological or relationship...

Samuel Waumsley

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Samuel Waumsley
I like to work in a collaborative and supportive manner with clients towards finding their personal empowerment, emotional relief, and well-being.

Charl Hattingh

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Charl Hattingh
Mindfulness-based psychotherapy for individuals and couples

CJ L'Hoste

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of CJ L'Hoste
I am a Clinical Psychologist offering medium- to longer-term psychotherapy from my practice in Claremont. I work primarily with young adults and adults. I deal with issues such as...

Colleen Law

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Colleen Law
Colleen is a registered clinical psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (PS 0093351). She has extensive experience in psychotherapy with children, teens,...

Jénine Smith

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Jénine Smith
I am a Clinical Psycholgist registered with the HPCSA. I thrive on the diversity that my work offers me and the uniqueness that each individual brings to therapy. I enjoy building...

Tarryn Kelly

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Tarryn Kelly
I am a clinical psychologist working in Gardens and offer short and long term psychotherapy for adults and children (including parent-infant/child psychotherapy). I believe each...

Claire Gregorowski

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Claire Gregorowski
I am a Clinical Psychologist working with adults, adolescents, children and families. I offer psychodynamic psychotherapy, play therapy and parenting support. I believe that...

Melissa Card

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Melissa Card

Derine Sandenbergh

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Derine Sandenbergh
I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, offering therapy to adults, children and families.

Bev Killian

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Bev Killian
Strengths-based work is critical to building self confidence and competence

Elizma van der Smit

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Elizma van der Smit
I mainly work with individuals, couples or young adults. I am especially interested in working with relationship problems, severe depression, personality and anxiety disorders.

Gadija Roshan

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Gadija  Roshan
I am a clinical psychologist working predominantly within the psychodynamic framewrok, offering therapy to people seeking help with their current life circumstances. I offer short...

Lois Deacon

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Lois Deacon

Sarah Kate Engelbrecht

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Sarah Kate Engelbrecht
I am a registered Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal working with children, adolescents and adults on both short-term and longer-term bases. I...

Adilia Silva

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Adilia Silva
Clinical psychologist based in Kensington (North-Eastern area of Johannesburg) offering a range of psychological services from the age of 4 years upwards. Work is done with...

Sumayyah Khan

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Sumayyah  Khan
I am a Clinical Psychologist based in Stanger and Ballito. I have recently relocated to Durban from Johannesburg. I work primarily with children and adolescents aged 5 - 17, young...

Thirusha Mohabir

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Thirusha Mohabir
I am a Clinical Psychologist working in private practice at the Core Sport and Wellness Medical Centre in Durban North, Durban. I provide one-on-one psychotherapy, counselling and...

Adele Romanis

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Adele Romanis
Special Interests Individual psychotherapy relationship communication therapy emotional difficulties depression & anxiety bereavement & grief divorce difficulties...

Cindy Coleman

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Cindy  Coleman
I offer psychotherapy for personal and emotional problems, as well as forensic services.

Juan Korkie

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Juan Korkie
International experience in the United Kingdom, South Africa and the United States

Michelle Joanne Andrews

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Michelle Joanne Andrews
I use an integrative approach tailoring my therapeutic model to you unique needs. The collaborative therapeutic relationship can be a successful vehicle for change.

Jodie Mackay

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Jodie Mackay
When people are no longer feeling trapped by the hurts of the past, they are able to make healthier decisions and live more mindfully and responsibly in the present.

Joanne Goss

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Joanne Goss
I am registered Clinical Psychologist working in Durban North. I work mainly with adolescents and adults. I have specialised in the treatment of the following areas: -Addictions...

Jan Wissing

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Jan Wissing
Dr Jan Wissing is a Clinical Psychologist in Practice in Rustenburg for the past 17 years. He specializes in the treatment of Mood Disorders like Depression and Anxiety as well as...

Candice Dumas

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Candice Dumas
I enjoy working with children, adolescents and adults dealing with a range of difficulties including: depression, bipolar, loss and bereavement, anxiety, psychosomatic concerns,...

Marina Genis

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Marina Genis
As a registered clinical psychologist I work with most disorders and difficulties. However, my areas of interest include adult survivors of childhood abuse, including sexual abuse;...

Beverley Marcus

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Beverley Marcus
I am a Clinical Psychologist with a background in Speech and Hearing Therapy and Social Work. In my years of work, I have found that the emotiotional impact of a situation needs to...

Mareli Fischer

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Mareli Fischer
Mareli is a clinical psychologist and ADHD research specialist. She is currently practicing at the Claremont Practice.