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Kim Foster

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Kim Foster
I work mainly with adult men and woman as individuals and in groups. My focus is on change through developing insight and developing healthy life strategies.

Jenni Normand

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Jenni Normand
I am a Clinical psychologist working from my primary practice in Table View and a smaller practice in Sunset Links. I offer psychotherapy to individuals and to couples, providing...

Gerda Kriel

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Gerda  Kriel
My belief that each individual can grow beyond pain and suffering is what guides therapy. The focus is on you, as a client, to help you uncover the more hopeful stories about your...

Ilse Pauw

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Ilse Pauw
I offer adult individual, family and couples therapy in English and Afrikaans.

Ester Haumann

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Ester Haumann
Psychotherapist, Jungian Analyst, Clinical Psychologist

Dylan Lopich

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Dylan Lopich
I am a clinical psychologist working in the Cape Town City Bowl. I offer clinical assessment as well as long-term and brief psychotherapy for adults.

Bronwyn Preston

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Bronwyn  Preston
I am a Clinical Psychologist in Westville who works with adults, adolescents and children. I work with individuals and couples with a variety of different issues.

Alison Breen

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Alison Breen
I am a clinical psychologist working in Lakeside. I currently provide assistance for adults and adolescents dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, stressful life circumstances,...

Olivia Dunseith

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Olivia Dunseith
I am a Clinical Psychologist working therapeutically with adolescents and adults. I offer a wide range of psychological services, including: - Short-term and long-term...

Graeme Hendricks

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Graeme Hendricks
I have been a registered clinical psychologist since 2002 and use a variety of different approaches depending on what will work for a client. This would include short term and long...

Michelle Joanne Andrews

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Michelle Joanne Andrews
I use an integrative approach tailoring my therapeutic model to you unique needs. The collaborative therapeutic relationship can be a successful vehicle for change.

Ilhaam Solomons

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Ilhaam Solomons
I am a Clinical Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and the Board of Health Funders. I offer a personalized short or long term treatment...

Nicole Roux

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Nicole Roux
Clinical Psychologist based in Century City offering a psychotherapeutic and assessment services.

Trish Blake

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Trish Blake
I address a range of concerns in short and long term therapies. I have experience in diverse settings and work with adolescents, adults, partners and families.

Kristy Greener

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Kristy Greener
I am compassionate, caring and attempt to serve the best interests of my clients at all times.

Robin Scott

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Robin Scott
Clinical psychologist working with couples and relationship difficulties, as well as a variety of problems in adults.

Carin-Lee Masters

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Carin-Lee Masters
Psychotherapy can not just relieve severe emotional suffering but also engender and awaken a greater sense of purpose, authenticity and connectedness to others.

Hanru Niemand

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Hanru Niemand
I am a Clinical Psychologist working in Durbanville in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. I enjoy working with various anxiety disorders, including PTSD. I also see patients...

Vincenzo Sinisi

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Vincenzo Sinisi
You should be pleased that you have the courage to take steps towards change. I am a Clinical Psychologist / Group Psychotherapist and work with Adults.

Kirsten Clark

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Kirsten Clark

Carl Kingsley

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Carl  Kingsley
In-depth and focused interventions promoting healing, personal growth, and increased resilience in the face of a broad range of psychological difficulties.

Suzette Weideman

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Suzette Weideman
Assists with a variety of issues and challenges with individuals older than 13 or in family groups. Based in Krugersdorp North, easily accessible to all West Rand clients, offers...

Robyn Jacobs

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Robyn Jacobs
Growing up in today’s world is not easy, and it’s hard to see your child struggle. But there is a way forward. As a Clinical Psychologist, I work with children, teens and their...

Jean Luyt

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Jean  Luyt
I am a clinical psychologist practicing as an individual, couple or group therapist. My area of focus is supporting individuals and couples wanting to adopt a child. I offer...

Alexa Young

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Alexa Young
I am a Clinical psychologist working in the Sandton area. I offer therapy to adults, couples, families and adolescents

Leanne Stillerman

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Leanne Stillerman
I am a clinical psychologist practicing in Parktown North, Johannesburg. I enjoy working with adults, adolescents, and children.

Karen Cohen

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Karen Cohen
Clinical Psychologist, specializing in Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma. Have also lived and worked overseas and am familiar with issues regarding adjustment to life in a foreign...

Derine Sandenbergh

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Derine Sandenbergh
I am a clinical psychologist in private practice in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, offering therapy to adults, children and families.

Cathrin Venter

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Cathrin Venter
I am a clinical psychologist, practicing in the Durban North area. I am currently in full-time private practice. I have extensive experience in conducting psychometric assessment...

Bryan Hellmann

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Bryan Hellmann
I practice using Integrative Psychotherapy, adapting the treatment to the specific needs of each patient. I work with individuals, couples and groups.

Cindy Coleman

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Cindy  Coleman
I offer psychotherapy for personal and emotional problems, as well as forensic services.

Lance Heath

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Lance Heath

Michael Theron

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Michael Theron
Currently I am working at Riverview Manor Specialist Clinic as part of a multidisciplinary team. Riverview Manor offers an evidence based therapeutic program which incorporates the...

JP Theron

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of JP Theron
Male psychotherapist working in Stellenbosch and Northern Suburbs

Mandy Magid

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Mandy Magid
I am a clinical psychologist working in the sandringham as well as Illovo areas. I work with adults and adolescents from 12 and up.

Samuel Waumsley

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Samuel Waumsley
I like to work in a collaborative and supportive manner with clients towards finding their personal empowerment, emotional relief, and well-being.

Jo-Lynne Du Randt

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Jo-Lynne Du Randt
Individual Psychotherapy and Personal Development Through Counselling, Coaching and Training.

Ilse Jordaan

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Ilse Jordaan
I am a clinical psychologist with special interests and experience in the following: In-Depth Adult Psychotherapy Psychosomatic Disorders Mind-Body Medicine (link between stress...

Doron Zar

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Doron Zar
I am a Clinical Psychologist in Johannesburg, Illovo / Sandton, focusing on psychodynamic psychotherapy (insight oriented / in-depth therapy) for adults and adolescents, play...

Fred Walter

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Fred Walter
It is really the relationship between you and your therapist that enables psychological holding and change to take place.

Linda Pera

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Linda Pera
I am a Clinical Psychologist practicing from a safe and tranquil practice in Randpark Ridge, on the border of Weltevreden Park. I believe in the healing that can come from therapy.

Charl Vorster

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Charl Vorster
I am a trainer of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists and in part-time private practice. I have a deep respect and compassion for fellow human beings and trust this shines...

Mary Ann Cullinan

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Mary Ann Cullinan
Psychotherapeutic treatment of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Expertise in late adolescent, young adult, and adult midlife issues and choices, relationship &...

Candice Dumas

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Candice Dumas
I enjoy working with children, adolescents and adults dealing with a range of difficulties including: depression, bipolar, loss and bereavement, anxiety, psychosomatic concerns,...

Jessica Rice

Clinical Psychologist
Photo of Jessica Rice
I provide specialist neuropsychological assessment of patients that have suffered neurological injury/insult, including traumatic brain injuries, stroke, tumours, dementia, and...