Sandee Daniel

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Working in: English.

I am Counselling Psychologist who believes in the spirit of the human condition to overcome adversity and awaken the unique potential encoded within each one of us. I assist individuals in unravelling the strangle holds that restrict their process of dynamic growth, whether conscious or subconscious, allowing them to realise their true potential. From the perspective of an holistic lens I apply an integrative approach, which embraces all facets of the human experience.

My focus is in on addressing any difficulties that arise in relationships.; be that a relationship with a spouse, a child, substances, money, food, work, friends, colleagues or oneself. I have particular experience in the addiction field and have recently extended this interest to working with adolescents through Youthworx Wellness Centre.

At the centre my services include individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy and psychological assessments including career and subject choice assessments. The 8 –week programme specifically assists adolescents experiencing difficulties with substance abuse, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and self-mutilating behaviour.

All my therapeutic processes are solution focused that incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy.


Tel: 011 463 3688
Mobile: 084 877 9510


HPCSA Number: PS 0094471
Practice Number: 086 000 0216003

Youthworx Wellness Centre
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