How do I find a therapist? To find psychologists, social workers, marriage counselors, occupational therapists or psychiatrists, just search by area. Find help today.

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How do I find a therapist?

In the past people usually found a therapist through a referral from their GP, a friend or family member. Nowadays, with the existence of online directories, finding a professional therapist in your area is private, convenient and free. Here on findhelp, you have access to a range of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other therapists listed. Each professional's profile includes a short biography, their areas of interest, languages spoken, practice location and a photograph to help you select someone you feel comfortable with.

How do I find a therapist I can trust?

All professionals listed on findhelp are required to be registered with the Health Directorys Council of South Africa at the time of sign up. Their details are individually verified by us ensuring that they are qualified and have the professional credentials needed to work with you.

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How do I find a therapist in my area?

If you are going to weekly therapy it's best to find someone close to your home or to your work. On findhelp you can view therapists on a map in the directory
Or you can put the area of your choice in the search bar, for example, 'psychologist, Cape Town, Claremont'.

How do I find a therapist who works with people like me?

Each profile discusses the 'population group' that the therapist works with. Whether therapy is needed for a child, an adolescent, a couple or a family, there should be a range of professionals who work in this area. You will be able to search for that above or in the directory.

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How do I find a therapist who can help me with my particular difficulty?

You need to choose which kind of therapist will best suit your needs. Therapists are generally trained to deal with a diverse range of situations including helping people to cope with: anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, educational dilemmas, sexual and racial issues, child abuse and trauma, as well as personal problem solving.

However, as you probably know there are different kinds of therapists practicing out there. If you find it confusing to choose between the professional categories read about the different kinds of therapists (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers etc) here.

Therapists often have quite specific 'areas of interest' which indicate the kinds of disorders or difficulties they have experience in. Have a look under the therapist's profile picture for the list of disorders or difficulties they feel confident treating. Alternatively click on the 'disorder' you would like help with here (on the left) and you will generate a list of the practitioners who are experienced treating those kinds of problems.